The Digital Multimeter Competition:

FUZRR FR17 Stand out

In the field of electronic measurement, the multimeter is an indispensable tool. Today, we’ll compare a few common Digital Multimeter to see why FUZRR FR17 is the final choice.

First, let’s take a look at the basics of the several multimeters involved in the comparison.

In electronic engineering, circuit maintenance and various electrical related fields, multimeters are indispensable measuring tools. However, many brands and models of multimeters on the market are dazzling, and it is not easy to choose a multimeter suitable for their needs. Today, we will make a detailed comparison of several popular multimeters.

1. Fluke 15B +, with Ulide UT 61 E

The Fluke 15B + has long been known for its reliability and stability. Its measurement accuracy is high, suitable for the general electrical measurement work. For example, when measuring the voltage and resistance, the data is relatively accurate and stable. However, its functions are relatively basic, and some complex measurement needs may not be met.

The UT61E performs well in functional richness. It not only has the basic voltage, resistance measurement function, but also has such as capacitance measurement, frequency measurement and other more expanded functions. This makes it even more handy in dealing with diverse measurement tasks.

For example, the UT61E capacitance measurement function can quickly detect the faulty capacitance when repairing complex electronic devices, while the Fluke 15B + may need additional tools to help complete this measurement.

2. Victory VC9808 + with Hua Yi MAS830L

Victory VC9808 + has a large display screen with clear and intuitive readings. Its automatic range switching function is very practical, can let the user in the measurement process more convenient, without frequent manual range adjustment.

The Huayi MAS830L has a good reputation for its durability. Its shell is strong and can withstand a certain degree of collisions and falls. This is an important consideration for users with a harsh working environment.

Assuming that tools often fall off at the construction site, the Huayi MAS830L may be more able to withstand the test, while the Victory VC9808 + large screen provides better reading in low-light environments.

3. How to choose a suitable multimeter for you

When choosing a multimeter, you should first identify your use scenarios and measurement requirements. If you mainly do simple circuit detection and routine maintenance, a basic functional and reliable multimeter such as the Fluke 15B + or the Victory VC9808 + may be sufficient.

But if you need to deal with complex electronics repair and debugging work, a feature-rich multimeter like the Ulide UT61E would be more appropriate.

Moreover, the budget is also an important consideration. High-end brand multimeters are usually more expensive, but the quality and performance are also more secure. And some cost-effective domestic brands multimeter, in the premise of meeting the basic needs, can save you a lot of costs.

In short, the selection of multimeter requires comprehensive consideration of measurement accuracy, function, durability, price and other factors, I hope this comparison can provide some reference and help for your choice.

Next, focus on the excellence of the FUZRR FR17 digital multimeter.

FUZRR FR17 Series is a multi-functional, multi-range, multi-purpose electronic measuring instrument, widely used in physics, electrical appliances, electronics and other fields.

It has the following remarkable features:

1.New large digital LCD screen design, reading clear and intuitive.

2.Wide range, can meet a variety of measurement needs. Specifically, the upper limit of FR17A is 2000, FR17B 4000 and 6000 for FR17C. In terms of DC voltage range, FR17A and FR17B are 0.00 mV ~ 750 V, and FR17C is 0.00 mV ~ 1000 V, and the accuracy is ± (1.0% + 5). AC voltage range, the three are 0.00 mV ~ 750 V, the accuracy is ± (1.2% + 5). In both DC and AC current measurements, the range is 0.00 uA ~ 10 A, the accuracy of FR17A and FR17B is ± (1.2% + 3), and FR17C is ± (1.5% + 3). In addition, the capacitance measurement range, FR17A is 0.000 nF to 400 mF, FR17B and FR17C is 0.00 nF to 100 mF, with an accuracy of ± (3.0% + 5). Resistance range, the three are 0.00 Ω ~60m Ω, the accuracy of ± (1.5% + 5)。

3.It has many practical functions, such as true effective value measurement, which can measure non-sine wave signal more accurately; it also has upper / lower limit setting, data keeping, diode test, on-off test, NCV voltage detection (some models), zero wire judgment (some models) and other functions.

4.The frequency measurement function (FR17C has) can measure the frequency of 0.00 Hz ~ 10 MHz, the accuracy is ± (1.0% + 5), and the duty cycle measurement range is 0.0%~99% (FR17C has).

5.Temperature measurement function (only FR17C available) with measurable range of-20℃ ~1000 ° C and-4 ℉ ~1832 degrees Fahrenheit with accuracy of ± (1.0% + 3).

6.With good environmental adaptability, the working temperature and humidity are 0℃ ~40℃, 70% rh, the storage temperature and humidity are-20℃ ~60℃, 70% rh.

7.The overall design is exquisite, the body weight is about 350g, moderate size, easy to carry; also with shock, dustproof, moisture-proof structure, strong and durable.

8.Pen port indication is clear, LCD screen display effect, with backlight, easy to use in various environments; also has excessive range alarm, automatic shutdown, low voltage indication and other functions.

9.Two 5 batteries are used for easy replacement.

10.Full-range protection function makes the measurement more safe and reliable.

Compared with other comparative multimeters, FUZRR FR17 performs well in measurement accuracy, functional richness, ease of use, and reliability. Whether in the laboratory, work site or daily electronic equipment maintenance, FUZRR FR17 can provide users with accurate and reliable measurement results, and become the right-hand man of electronic measurement.

Of course, when choosing a multimeter, but also according to the specific needs and budget to consider. But if you’re looking for a super, versatile multimeter, FUZRR FR17 is definitely worth your attention and choice!

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