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ES7080 Intelligent Pipeline Detector

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Receiver specifications


Pipeline detection (cable position tracking, direction display, depth measurement, current measurement), cable identification, A word frame fault search (optional function)


8.4V large capacity rechargeable lithium battery

 Input mode

Built-in receiver coil, flexible caliper, A-character frame (optional function)

 Receive frequency

Active detection frequency:250Hz、577Hz、640Hz、1.28kHz、2.56kHz、3.20kHz、4.09kHz、8.19kHz、10.2kHz、33kHz、66kHz、82kHz、197kHz

Power frequency passive detection frequency:50Hz、60Hz

RF passive detection frequency band: the central frequency is divided into33kHz、66kHz、82kHz、197kHz

Pipeline detection mode

Wide peak method, narrow peak method, sound valley method

Pipeline detection display

Classic positioning mode, wire cruise mode, peak and trough mode

Pipeline detection

Range of detection

Direct connection method: generally can reach the cable length of 0~20 kilometers, mainly determined by the grounding resistance, cable resistance and cable buried depth

Coupling method: generally can reach the length of the cable 0~10 kilometers, mainly determined by the grounding resistance, cable resistance and cable buried depth

Induction method: suitable for cables with buried depth less than 2m

Depth and current

Display the cable depth and current value in real time

Pipeline measurement depth


Deep precision

Plane position precision accuracy: the central axis position of the target cable or line:

±5%(Buried deep in0-3m)-10%(Buried deep in3m-20m)

Positive and wrong prompt

Excluding the interference of adjacent cables, in the measurement of adjacent cables, the measurement of the adjacent cables can be distinguished according to the different signal strength and the measured current phase of the adjacent cables. In the process of tracking the cables, the phase dial and pointer can be observed to distinguish the measured cables and the adjacent cables

Sound instructions

FM tone with signal intensity

 capacity of resisting disturbance

Very narrow receiving frequency band and unique digital processing method can fully suppress the power frequency and harmonic interference of adjacent operating cables and pipelines

 interference distance

When using the coupling method and the induction method, the transmitter will produce interference in close distance. The distance of interference is related to the transmission power and frequency. The greater the power, the higher the frequency, the stronger the interference.

The minimum distance of the receiver without disturbed by the transmitter often needs to be determined by test:

Pipeline detection: 5m away, 20m away as no interference Cable identification: the coupling method beyond 2~5m can be confirmed as no interference

Cable identification

Identification mode: flexible caliper intelligent identification;

Number of calibrate cables: 1~20;

Calibration value: the current percentage of the received signal and the transmitted signal between 75% and 135% of the calibration value is one of the conditions for successful identification;

Directionality: the transmitter clamp, receiver clamp must be in the same direction as the loading signal, which is one of the conditions for successful identification

Cable identification

Range of detection

Direct connection method: can identify the signal with a circuit resistance of 0 Ω ~ 8 kΩ (generally, the length of the cable can reach 0~20 km, mainly determined by the grounding resistance and cable resistance)

Coupling method: can identify the signal with circuit resistance of 0 Ω ~ 1 kΩ; (generally the cable length is 0~6 km, mainly determined by the grounding resistance and cable resistance)


4.3 LCD color screen LCD (highlight screen), visible in the sun

Touch screen






Connection interface

Type-C USB interface, air socket

Coil inner diameter

φ200mm(A larger caliber can be customized as needed)

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃;Below 80%Rh

Store temperature and humidity

-10℃~50℃;≤95%RH, No condensation

withstand voltage

AC2000V/rms(Before the front and rear ends of the enclosure)

Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61010-1 CAT Ⅲ 600V,IEC61010-031,IEC61326,Pollution grade 2

Transmitter specifications


Multiple frequency signal transmission modes


10.8VLarge-capacity rechargeable lithium battery

Output method

Direct connection method, caliper coupling method, induction method

Output mode

Automatic identification, according to different accessories

 output frequency


 Output power

15 Wmax, 6-gear adjustable


Automatic real-time impedance matching and protection function

Direct output voltage

150Vpp max

 Circuit protection

With overload and short-circuit protection


5-inch LCD color screen

Touch screen


Instrument size



The transmitter is about 3.85kg; the transmitter clamp is about 1.18kg

Transmitter clamp inner diameter


cable length of transmitter clamp


Test cable

Red test cable 3m, black test cable 3m

Connection interface

USB interface, DC interface, aviation socket

Resistance to pressure

The transmitter adopts an integrated special tool box type design, and the box body can withstand the pressure of about 200kg

Withstand voltage

AC 3700V/rms(Before the top surface and bottom surface of the instrument box)

Electromagnetic characteristics


Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61010-1(CAT Ⅲ 300V、CAT IV 150V、class of pollution 2)

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