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ES3050 Digital DC Resistance Tester

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Equipotential bonding resistance test between metal components, low-value resistance test, resistance test of connecting conductors between ground and ground electrodes, contact resistance test, etc.

DC resistance range

0.0001Ω~30.00KΩ    Accuracy±1%rdg±5dgt

Resistance resolution


Test method

Four-wire test

Test current


Open circuit voltage


Capacity factor

Measuring capacity factor≤15W

DC voltage range

0.0V~1000V DC        Accuracy±1.5%rdg±5dgt

DC voltage resolution


AC voltage range

0.0V~750V AC         Accuracy±1.5%rdg±3dgt

AC voltage resolution



DC 6V 4.5Ah Large-capacity battery Continuous standby for more than 100 hours


Controllable gray screen backlight, suitable for use in dim places

Display mode

4-bit large LCD display, gray screen backlight

Measurement instructions

LED flashing indicator during measurement, LCD countdown display



Instrument size


Test line length

Red 5m,black 5m each 2PCS

Measure time

Resistance test:about 3second/time;Voltage test:about 2times/sec

USB interface

With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print

Communication Line

USB Communication Line 1PC

Data storage

500 groups,”MEM” stores indicates, the “FULL” symbol indicates that the storage is full

Data review

Data review function: “MR” symbol display

Overflow display

Over-range overflow function: “OL” symbol display

Alarm function

Alarm when the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value

Battery voltage

Real-time display of battery power, reminding timely charging when battery voltage is low

Automatic shut-down

“APO” indicates automatic shutdown after 15 minutes

Power consumption

Standby: 30mA Max(backlight off)


Turn on backlight: 43mA Max


Measure:2A Max(backlight off)


Instrument: 2397g(including battery)


Test line:850g(including simple test line)


Instrument box:1200g

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃;below 80%rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-20℃~60℃;below 70%rh

Overload protection

C1-C2 P1-P2 AC 280V/3 seconds between ports

Insulation resistance

Above 10MΩ(500V between circuit and housing)

Pressure resistance

AC 3700V/rms( between circuit and housing)

Electromagnetic properties

IEC61010-4-3,Wireless frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m

Suitable for Safety Regulations

IEC61010-1, CAT III 600V, pollution degree 2, JJG724-1991 “DC digital ohmmeter verification procedure”, JJG166-1993 “DC resistance verification procedure”, “DL/T967-2005 loop resistance tester and DC resistance fast Tester verification procedure

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