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ES8020 Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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Battery internal resistance measurement, battery voltage measurement, temperature measurement

Accuracy guaranteed temperature and humidity

23℃±5℃, Below 75%rh

Power supply

DC 3.7V lithium battery

Resistance resolution

1 u Ω

Voltage resolution

1 mV

Temperature resolution


Measuring range

Internal resistance measurement:0.000mΩ~3.100 Ω (4 ranges configuration)


Voltage measurement: 0.000V~±120.00V ( 2range configuration)


Temperature measurement: -10.0℃~60.0℃ (single range configuration)

Maximum input voltage

DC 70V (between + measurement terminal and – measurement terminal), no AC input

Measurement method

Internal resistance measurement: 1KHz AC 4-terminal test method, open-circuit terminal voltage 3V max

Measuring current: 2.0mA~200mA (different measuring currents in different ranges)

Temperature measurement: NTC temperature sensor (10KΩ at 26°C)

A/D conversion method: successive approximation type

Display update frequency: 5 times/second

Response time


Measure time

About 2 seconds

LCD Size

70.1mm×52.6mm /3.5 inches (320*240 resolution 16-bit true color screen)

Instrument size


USB interface

With a USB interface, the stored data can be uploaded to the computer, saved and printed

Bluetooth connection


Hold and store function

Manual retention and storage, automatic retention and storage

Measurement judgment function

Pre-set PASS, WARNING, FAIL judgment thresholds

Battery voltage

The battery level is displayed in 5 bars, reminding to charge in time when the battery voltage is low

Automatic shut-down

No operation when power on, it will power off automatically after about 15 minutes (can be turned off in the settings)

Power consumption

300mA MIN / 500mA MAX


Meter:480g (With battery)

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃;below 80%RH

Storage temperature and humidity

-20℃~60℃;below 70%RH

Insulation resistance

Above 20MΩ (500V between circuit and case)

Withstand voltage

AC 3700V/RMS (between circuit and case)

External magnetic field


External electric field


Suitable for safety regulations

IEC 61010

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