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ES1010 Wireless H/L Voltage Current Ratio Tester

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High voltage detector

Mainframe (current clamp)


0.0mA~1200A(50/60Hz Auto)





Jaw size






Sampling Rate

2 times/second


High-low voltage current transformer primary and secondary loop current, transformation ratio, polarity, phase, and on-line test; current and voltage ratio on both sides of transformer; on-line test; load current test

Transmission type

Wireless transmission, linear transmission distance 30m

Change gear

Fully automatic shift


DC6V 7# alkaline battery(1.5V AAA×4)

DC7.5V 5# alkaline battery(1.5V LR6×5)

Test method

Clamp CT


W/T/H 87*37*262mm

Host:W/T/H 100*35*204mm



Current clamp:W/T/H 42*20*137mm

Display mode

LCD:128dots×64dots  Blue screen backlight for dim places

LCD Size


Change ratio

Three kinds of transformation ratio display: (The primary and secondary circuit actually measured the current transformation ratio; the conversion ratio of the secondary circuit 5A; 10kV-YY transformer conversion ratio of 10kV/380V), the maximum ratio of 1:1 million

Line voltage

Line test with insulation sheath below 60kV or bare wire current test below 35kV (with insulation rod operation)

Lead length

Current clamp lead 2 meters


Total instrument weight:7Kg(Insulated rod and instrument package)


High pressure detector:370g(Including battery)


Host:409g(Including battery)


Current clamp:180g

Data interface

USB transmission

Overflow display

Over-range overflow function: “OL A” symbol display

Data storage

500 groups, press MENU to keep data, HOLD symbol display, press MENU again to cancel

Data review

Long press the MENU button to enter the data reference mode,  MR symbol display, press MENU again to exit

Data is full

Data full function: “FULL” symbol display

Switch display mode

Long press the POWER button to switch between the test display mode and the conversion ratio display mode

No signal indication

When the host does not receive the transmit signal, it prompts “no signal”

Automatic shut-down

About 15 minutes after power on, the meter will automatically shut down

Battery voltage

When the battery voltage drops to 3.5V, the low-power indicator lights to remind you to replace the battery

When the battery voltage drops to 5.2V, the battery voltage is low symbol to remind to replace the battery

Insulation rod

Five section insulation rod (5 meters)

Insulation strength

AC 60kV/rms

Line test

Insulation sheath wire test below 60kV line voltage, bare wire test below 60kV (with insulation rod operation)

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity


Suitable for safety regulations

IEC1010-1、IEC1010-2-032、Pollution degree 2、CAT Ⅲ(600V) IEC61326(EMC standard)

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