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ES2080 Series Wireless H-Voltage Phasing Tester

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*Voltage measurement function




Frequency measurement, phase measurement, phase sequence display, voltage measurement, voltage inspection

power supply

Host: DC7.5V, 5 AA alkaline batteries

Detector: zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22, 9V

Baseline conditions

23℃±5℃, below 75%rh


Contact phasing: The bare wire below 35kV or the wire with insulating sheath below 550kV can contact the wire core phase non-contact phasing.

When the bare line voltage exceeds 35kV, a non-contact test must be used, and the probe is gradually approached to the core phase of the conductor

Transmission distance

Wireless transmission, straight-line transmission distance of about 30 meters

Differential characterization

In-phase: -30°~30°

Out-of-phase: 90°~150° and 210°~270°

Phasing voltage


Phase range

0.0°~360.0°; Accuracy: ≤±12°; Resolution: 0.1°

Frequency range

45.0Hz~65.0Hz; Accuracy: ≤±2Hz; Resolution: 0.1Hz

*Voltage range

70V~110kV; Accuracy: ±15%±5dgt Resolution: 100V

*Voltage accuracy

High-voltage overhead line ±15%±5dgt (other applications: ±25%±5dgt)

transmit frequency

433MHz, 315MHz

display mode

3.5 inch color screen

LCD display size


Meter size


Host 187×119×48mm


Detector 146×100mm

Phase indication

Simultaneous display of phasor diagram and numbers

Work instructions

When phase checking, the detector has sound and light indication function, red double flashing light indication and “beep-beep-beep” beep

data storage

100 groups, flashing “FULL” symbol indicates that the storage is full

Data access

Data access function: “READ” symbol display

Power consumption


Detector: 70mA Max Max


Host: 150mA Max

Instrument quality


Detector: about 250g (including hook and battery)


Host: about 450g (including battery)

battery voltage

The battery voltage is insufficient, and the low battery symbol ”     ” is displayed

Automatic shut-down

The meter shuts down after 15 minutes of inactivity

Insulation rod length

Maximum diameter Φ38mm; Length: 800mm in contracted state; 3015mm in extended state

Insulation test

Both ends of the insulating rod after stretching: AC 220kV/rms; host and detector: AC3700V/rms (between exposed metal and plastic casing)

Suitable for safety regulations

GB13398-92, GB311.1-311.6-8, 3DL408-91 standards and the newly promulgated national electric power industry standard “General Specifications DL/T971-2005 for 1kV ~ 35kV Portable Phase checking Apparatus for Live Work”


Comply with IEC61481-A2; 2004; IEC 61243-1

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